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Confrontation Friendly
Barky - 25.03.2009 10:02
MuT Battled TSA on Sunday 22nd March in a friendly 6v6 Match (final map was 7v7). MuT Lost the opening round but following that stormed the match. The maps selected were old school and style maps.

Crossroads Small Demo - MuT 4 - 1 TSA
Desert Glory Small Extract - MuT 5 - 1 TSA
Frostfire Small Elim - MuT 5 - 3 TSA

Soon the ladders will be up properly and we can get underway. I still require info from a few playeys to get them onto the GB Roster (the CG site is totally down and going to be reborn again so will require full re-registration i think).

Semtex1970 - GB Account Details
Che-Gunvara - GB Account Details
BlackTeddyBear - GB Account Details
Mr-Razor-Rich - GB Account Details
Belfast2 - GB Account Details
ShadyGunner - GB Account Details
BigJohnH - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Slasha - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Yuckfoufayanny - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Eddie_Ice to tell me what PSN Account he will be using for Socom.

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