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MuT are a Playstation 3 clan currently active on Socom Confrontation. One of Europes most respected and challenged clans formed on October 5th 2004 on Socom 2 on the Playstation 2, the name originates from the fact that the clan was created after a mutiny, led by Stiffler and Libby, from the clan [WTF] (click for stats). We retired the Original MuTineers at the end of July 2005 awaiting the release of Socom 3 but with its never ending delays we brought the clan out of retirement on November 15th 2005. Upon the eventual release of Socom 3 we moved the clan across and after a shaky start we ended up firmly placed inside the top 25 on the GB Ladder and did well in our first ever European Socom League campaign finishing mid table. In July 2007 The MuTineers featured in the PS3Zine magazine as clan of the month and the article can be found HERE.

Our full Results can be found by following the WAR ROOM link on the Main Menu where you can read match reports when filed and also comment on the games, unfortunately only results from the reformed clan are available. For the results of the Original MuTineers Click Here, the final stats were Pld 104 Won 45 Lost 59, although the last set of losses was due to the clan retiring.

Further information and Graphical Statistics can be found on The WAR ROOM menu, you will also find links to the Challenge pages of most clans we have played.

We are a very active clan and on average play a clan match every two days, we can be challenged by clicking on the links at the foot of this page or if our challenge slots are full then use the link in the main menu to reserve our next available slot.

There are other menu options that will tell you about our Members who age between 16 - 40+ and are made up of both sexes. A lot of our members are also in the RnB clans and you can visit their site by clicking the link at the very bottom of this page. A Calendar is available so that you can quickly see what we are up to in the future and we have a News section that is also available as an RSS feed, details on how to link this to your own website and homepages can be found within the News Area itself. The Poll area allows you to vote on the Currently Active Polls (results of finished Polls can found by selecting Poll Archive from the War Room Menu) and MuT members should also check the Poll area for member only polls that enable you to vote on things that effect the clan. The Forums are for all the MuT and RnB clans and its a place where questions can be posed and information found, you will also find a Forum dedicated to the RnB League which was originally set up as a Doubles League on Socom for in clan rivalry. However, in April 2008 the League got totally re-vamped and re-launched as a full online gaming battle site, to visit the main website for the RnB League, click on the link on the Main Menu.

The MuTineers are in the game for fun and you can see this from our Rules (see Main Menu), we are not here to cheat or glitch but to have a laugh, of course winning clan matches is always fun but you will also find us in open rooms nearly every night of the week.

So hopefully we will see you on the battlefield soon, where we will happily dis-member your team and dance all night on your bullet ridden bodies.

We make LOVE to each other

All times are GMT 0h. The time now is 02:21.