The MuTineers Rules
Rules of the Clan

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The following are the rules of the clan and should be followed whether in open play or clan match.

1) Fight Club - There is no Fight Club.

2) Abuse - Sexual/Racial or any other kind of abuse is not tolerated by the clan, members caught doing this will be dishonourably discharged.

3) Glitching and Cheating - Any member caught doing this will be expelled from the clan.

4) Moaning - Please dont moan or start accusing our opposition of cheating within matches. It nevers gets anywhere, and it is very annoying to listen to.

5) Disputes - Should any dispute arise during a clan match please allow the leaders to have comms to resolve when back in the lobby.

6) Match Details - All upcoming wars can be found in the Future Wars area, they are also confirmed by email.*

7) Match Sign Ups - All members should sign up in the Future Wars area as to whether they are available or not for each clan war, this will let you know which server the room is to be set up in and the password for the match. Those members that sign up will be given preference over others.** Should you have an issue getting to a match that you have signed up for then please sign back off, if this is not possible then please contact one of the Leaders to let them know.

8) Match Day - A MuT Prep room will be set up in the Server the match is to be played in atleast 15 minutes prior to the game. Please ensure that you come into this room so we can decide on the team and how the map is to be played. Do not log in 5 minutes past the start time and ask for the password.

9) Comms - Make sure you have a set for clan matches, also make sure you do not have ridiculous amounts of background noise. We dont want to hear the theme tune of Coronation Street, or the latest Girl or Boy Band single or any other fcking Noise in a clan match.

10) Frequent Flyers - Your activity on a particular game outside of clan wars will influence the selection of teams for matches. The more you play a game the more chance you have of being selected to play if more than enough members are online. People should not automatically expect to play if they are never on the game or never play with other MuT Members and only turn up for clan matches.

11) Fun - Its a game, lets have a laugh, whats the first rule?

* please click on "OWN VWAR PROFILE" on the left hand menu bar and change your email address to your preferred one to ensure you get all match details.

** if you can not sign in then please contact Barky to resolve your account issue.

All times are GMT 0h. The time now is 00:55.