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Socom 2 Socom 2: [MuT] vs. [ZP], 01.03.2006 20:30
Opponent:  Zero Patrol
Game: Socom 2
Gametype: Randomly Selected
Matchtype: GB Ladder
1. The Mixer The Mixer
2. Requiem Requiem
3. Night Stalker Night Stalker

  [MuT] [ZP]  
The Mixer 6 3
Requiem 4 6
Night Stalker 6 1
Barky, Red Legend (map 1 and 2), stiffler, Ultravio Lator, Libby, Eternal Rest (map 1), DJKayok, Grim Reeper (map 2 and 3), Ghetto Child, Kevin (map 3) JimmyJumble, chilipepper sc, BradleyUK, ARCLlGHT, bucky ohare, notdead, ChalkyMan, TimmyTheTurtle

The Mixer
MuT Seals ZP Terrorists

MuT had a bad start, ZP stormed and took the first two rounds, with some good sniping on the stairs by Chalkyman. But then MuT got their act together, in the next round Eternal notched up 6 kills and MuT took the round comfortably. MuT went on to take the next two, holding the hostages in the warehouse and not letting ZP get a look in. ZP levelled the scores in the 6th once again breaching the bottom of the warehouse and storming through. MuT however took the following three rounds holding the warehouse very well despite some great use of smoke grenades that saw MuT running low on ammo. MuT win 6 - 3. MVP Eternal Rest.

MuT Terrorists ZP Seals

A good start for MuT this time taking the opening round but ZP hit back in the next two and the 4th went to a draw. Then MuT charged into and out of the crypt with the bomb in tow and headed straight for the ZP base. ZP eventually realised what was happening and headed back, killing all of MuT in the process but not with enough time to diffuse the bomb, the scores were now all square at 2 each. MuT took the next and in the seventh Ultra was off to hide with the bomb but got caught and it was level again. MuT regained the lead in the 8th but ZP once more squared it in the 9th as Red got DC'd with the bomb leaving Ultra as the last man and out numbered. In the 10th ZP eventually got the lead back so going into the final round MuT charged to try and force the tie break. There was a huge firefight outside the Seal base but ZP came out on top and took the map 6 - 4. MVP Bradley UK.

Night Stalker
MuT Seals ZP Terrorists

MuT made another substitution for the final map as Reds lag had gotten too bad. However ZP maybe wished Red stayed as in came Kevin. The opening round saw Kevin kill the final 4 members of ZP and take the round and it didn't stop there. MuT took the next before ZP got their only score of the map. Kevin and Ultra were owning all the way and MuT dominated the next 4 to win the map easily 6 - 1. MVP Kevin (10 - 1)

Well Played ZP it was a Good Game.
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