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Vegas May Bring New Challenges
Barky - 04.03.2008 00:50
There has been a lot of comments on the CG forums about how the Vegas 2 ladders should be played and the popular decision seems to be that all maps and modes will be available on a single ladder.

Yes, this was the case for GRAW on GB but that was not such a busy ladder where as Vegas 2 looks like it is gonna be active with most of the big EU clans.

So, we will eventually get to play some of the big FPS boys that have battered us in the past on titles like BF, RFOM and even Vegas TSS on something that is more up our alley (not Ultra's back one) than theirs. We might be unlucky and get some shit modes out of the randomiser but lets hope that we can also get some good ones when we play some of the big clans.

We still dont know how many of you are getting it so head on over to the forums and put your name down if you are. Also check out the forums for all the latest news on the online mode of Vegas 2.
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