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Clan News    Clan News
Cold Front – COD – MAG.
Barky - 12.01.2010 11:32
Cold Front
Nope, I am not talking about the weather in the UK but the launch of the Socom Map Pack. There are 5 new maps, a new mode and some new weapons and faction.

The maps are Blizzard, Night Stalker, Vigilance, Uprising and Entrapment. The first three being remakes of Socom 2 maps whilst Uprising is set in a village with buildings and tunnels for cover and Entrapment is set in a subway station.

The price of the download from the PS Store is £7.99 and it is 1.2 Gig.

The following members have the download – Barky, Ultraviolator, Laggy_Sponge, BigJohnH, Belfast2, MrRazorRich, Dan83, BoSelector.

Please let me know if you are planning on getting it (or have it already) so that we can see if Full clan matches are viable to arrange. CG have set up a Cold Front Ladder which I have joined and sent invites to the people named above.

RnB will be arranging Squads matches however I am not sure if CG have added the Maps to the current ladder.

Yes, yes, yes… Playing the game is fun but I believe by unanimous consent that we are not going to play Clan matches. Lets just use the game as a good* old blast.

Due for launch on the 29th January I will no doubt buy it to have a look and see if it is better than COD. However, I can not say whether it is clan match material. Please let me know if you are planning on getting it.

* Barky would like it to be known that it is not really a Good blast but more like a mediocre one at best.
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Clan News    Clan News
Tourney Matches
Barky - 13.09.2009 11:46

Get them played. We have already had to give one win to PSS over DnI due to not bothering to sort out the game. I dont want to have to do this again.
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Clan News    Clan News
Match Reports
Barky - 11.09.2009 12:30
We once had a match report written up for almost everygame played but in the last couple of years it seems to have almost totally vanished.

I would like to see them make a come back and we will start tasking people in wars to make a match report so they can be added to the site scorecard.

They dont need to be posted on our forums as we have our own section for match reports, just write it up and pass it to Barky, although you can post them on CG if you want to.

So make sure when you get selected you have your muse with you and obviously a pen and paper to make notes as you go along.

Lets hope for some good reports and a lot of laughs.

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Clan News    Clan News
RnBL Matches
Barky - 09.09.2009 05:52
Hey Guys,

Some of you are lacking badly in playing your RnBL games. Please get them played and keep to the schedule.

We spent a lot of time and effort getting everything in place to try and make this tournament a success and some of you are jeopardising that.

Outstanding Matches from Week 1.
Group A – CnK v TSA
Group B – DnI v PSS
Group C – JnG v KM*

Please get the matches sorted.


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Clan News    Clan News
URGENT - MuT Massive DLC
Barky - 07.09.2009 16:39
Ok Guys, you may have all seen the News section and all the information about RSS Feeds. Well now we have gone one better and made it easy for you to see all the MuT/RnB info direct on your desktop without even going to the website.

We have got our own desktop ticker, follow the link below and you will have all the news and future war information delivered direct to your screen.

The file will run a small set-up that will allow you to see all the MuT/RnB feeds in a scroll bar on your screen. If you click on any of the items it will take you to the sign up or news page.


Remember for RnBL you can also set-up an RSS feed (See the RnBL Forums "Help and Support")

Another great addition by Barks.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Future Wars Now on RSS
Barky - 07.09.2009 16:22
As you know we have a News feed for MuT Wars and MuT News, now we have added RnB Wars to that so you can see them all from your homepage or RSS reader.

The Link to the RnB Future Wars RSS is:-

The Link to the MuT Future Wars RSS is:-

The Link for the MuT News Feed is:-
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Clan News    Clan News
RnBL Launch League Prediction
Barky - 24.08.2009 06:06
Brand new to RnBL a League Prediction system has been added. Being introduced for the Socom Doubles tournament, individuals will now be able to register their predicted scores for each of the matches and accumulate points for getting the results and scores correct.

There is no restriction on tournament players only, anyone can register and predict the outcome of games.

Very soon we will add the ability to predict Premier League and Champions League scores too, making the predictor available all season to see who has the knowledge.

Click on the Link on the left hand menu or the Button at the top under the banner, register and start your predictions today.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Hit Top 25
Barky - 21.08.2009 10:56
The MuTineers broke into the top 25 Last night with a No Show Win against DCS.

In Fact MuT are now placed 21st in the CG Ladder.

The No show gave RnB the chance to play their first Socom Doubles match in over 2 years. They played twice last night and true to form lost both against THS and RnC in the RnB Doubles Ladder.
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Clan News    Clan News
Future Wars now with RSS
Barky - 14.08.2009 08:15
To help the MuTineers a little more I have made the Future wars available as an RSS feed. This means you can add it to your Homepages (MSN, Yahoo, Google, etc..) and will instantly see the next matches when you login to the internet. Most new mobiles offer RSS facilities too, so you can set it up there as well. Remember we still have an RSS feed for the News too.

The Link to the Future Wars RSS is:-

The Link for the News Feed is:-
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Clan News    Clan News
Doubles Tournament Dates and Draw
Barky - 12.08.2009 06:47
The RnBL Socom Doubles Tournament Draw has taken place and Dates Finalised.

Group Matches to be played between 01/09/2009 - 21/09/2009
Group A - Jack of Spuds - RednBarky - The Stealth Assasins - Campin n Killin.
Group B - Playstatiom Soldiers - Desert N Ice - Eland - Gabz & Hero.
Group C - Jim n Grim - Killing Machines - bad MOTHER fcukaz - Playstation Soldiers.
Group D - The Human Sponge - Razor & BigJ - Rush n Crush - Master and Apprentice.

Round 2 (Knockout Stage)- To Be Played by 28/09/2009
QF1 - Winner Group A vs Second Group B
QF2 - Winner Group B vs Second Group A
QF3 - Winner Group C vs Second Group D
QF4 - Winner Group D vs Second Group C

Semi Finals - To Be Played by 05/10/2009
SF1 - QF1 v QF3
SF2 - QF2 v QF4

Final - To Be Played by 12/10/2009
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Clan News    Clan News
Socom Doubles Ladder Launched
Barky - 30.06.2009 13:00
RnBLeague has launched a Socom Doubles Ladder.

Goto and register your clan. A tournament will be started very soon to introduce the ladder with a bang.

Also you will have the chance to try your luck against the Original, the One and Only, the Real RnB.
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Clan News    Clan News
200th Victory
Barky - 06.06.2009 08:43
The MuTineers Claimed their 200th Victory on Thursday 4th June, in a 2-0 (6-4, 6-3) victory over Fallen Assassins on Socom Confrontation. This put MuT into the Top 50 on the CG European Ladder.

The victory list for MuT is:-

67 Socom 2
62 Socom 3
12 Socom CA
3 Socom Conf
1 Battlefield 2
12 Call of Duty 4
15 Ghost Recon 2
11 Rainbow Six Vegas
15 Rainbow Six Vegas 2
2 Resistance Fall of Man

PS2 = 142, PS3 = 58

Overall Win Percantage = 35%
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Clan News    Clan News
Who Will Be the 200th Scalp??
Barky - 30.05.2009 13:40
The MuTineers are currently sitting at 199 Victories on all games and formats.

With Nine Games already lined up it is only a matter of time before they claim the 200th. Who will it be??

Add your comment to the News post with who you think it will be??

Zero Patrol - 31/5 8pm
Fallen Assassins - 4/6 8:15pm
No One Survives - 9/6 8pm
No Guts No Glory - 11/6 7:30pm
InTheZone - 16/6 8:30pm
Kounter Tactics Squad - 18/6 8pm
Lusitano Warriors - 23/6 9pm
Blood Angels - 25/6 - 8pm
FederalBureauInvestigation - 30/6 8pm
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Clan News    Clan News
Laggy Promoted
Barky - 29.05.2009 15:40
Laggy_Sponge, who has been on for nearly every Socom Match and been in the clan since almost the start of the PS3 has been promoted to a Team Captain.

He has already sorted out a few matches in making sure members are on. He has also provided some great ideas within matches and proven to be a great team player.
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Clan News    Clan News
Its Hot News
Barky - 26.05.2009 13:58
The Hot News Section is back. Now that the clan is active again, make sure you check the news pages for key information.

It is still available as an RSS feed. the URL is

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Clan News    Clan News
RnB 100th Win
Barky - 26.05.2009 10:29
On the 23/05/09 RnB finally got their 100th Win. It was a Socom Confrontation Squads match against Finnish Crowd Control. The final result was 2-0 (6-4, 6-3).

RnB are currently 7th in the Squads ladder with a record of Pld 25 Won 12 Lost 13.
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Clan News    Clan News
Confrontation Friendly
Barky - 25.03.2009 10:02
MuT Battled TSA on Sunday 22nd March in a friendly 6v6 Match (final map was 7v7). MuT Lost the opening round but following that stormed the match. The maps selected were old school and style maps.

Crossroads Small Demo - MuT 4 - 1 TSA
Desert Glory Small Extract - MuT 5 - 1 TSA
Frostfire Small Elim - MuT 5 - 3 TSA

Soon the ladders will be up properly and we can get underway. I still require info from a few playeys to get them onto the GB Roster (the CG site is totally down and going to be reborn again so will require full re-registration i think).

Semtex1970 - GB Account Details
Che-Gunvara - GB Account Details
BlackTeddyBear - GB Account Details
Mr-Razor-Rich - GB Account Details
Belfast2 - GB Account Details
ShadyGunner - GB Account Details
BigJohnH - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Slasha - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Yuckfoufayanny - Accept or Decline GB Invite
Eddie_Ice to tell me what PSN Account he will be using for Socom.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT/RnB Hit 1000 Matches
Barky - 02.07.2008 09:25
On Monday 30/6/2008 MuT/RnB Played their 1000th Official Clan Match. The game was on Vegas 2 and unfortunately ended in defeat. It was also the final game of the Spring 2008 Ladder which saw MuT finish 25th on the ladder with final stats of 9-14.

WP to all members.

The Full Clan Statistics Ended as
Socom 2 - 104. 45-59 (Orig Clan Stats before retirement)
Socom 2 - 49. 22-27
Socom 3 - 161. 62-99
Socom CA - 35. 12-23
BF 2:MC - 11. 1-10
Resistance - 23. 2-21
Vegas - 44. 11-33
GRAW 2 - 46. 15-31
COD 4 - 39. 12-27
Vegas 2 - 37. 12-25
Total - 549. 194-355

RnB Clan Statistics Ended as
Socom 2 (Dubs) - 99. 14-85
Socom 2 (Quad) - 88. 17-71
Socom 3 (Dubs) - 38. 5-33
Socom 3 (Squd) - 114. 38-76
Socom CA (Dubs) - 5. 0-5
Socom CA (Squd) - 27. 9-18
Killzone 2 (Dubs) - 9. 0-9
TS:FP (Clan) - 12. 1-11
MGO (Clan) - 4. 0-4
BF 2:MC (Trip) - 30. 2-28
Pro Evo (Dubs) - 3. 1-2
Resistance (Quad) - 15. 2-13
COD 4 (Quad) - 7. 0-7
Total - 451. 89-362

GRAND TOTAL -1000. 283-717
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB League Launches
Barky - 13.04.2008 07:46
The RnB League has been relaunched, with ladders now open for sign up on Vegas and CoD. A special CoD tournament is also now available for sign up.

Go on over to and register today.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB League Ready for Beta Testing
Barky - 11.03.2008 13:16
The New Look RnB League site is now ready for beta testing.

The original software package has undergone some major modifications, changes to the Challenge system, reporting system, ranking system and many other bits and pieces have already happened now it is time to give it a good test.

We are looking for clan members to help and there is a post up in the Forums under the RnB League >>> General Thread, so go and put your name down to help test and help the clan get its own ladder and tournament site for some good in-clan rivalry.

The site has now been posted back to its original home at so go over and take a look.
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Clan News    Clan News
Cabinet Shuffle
Barky - 10.03.2008 01:28
Following on from comments on the forums about clan games to play, suggestions were made about restructuring the leadership in line with active members.

Therefore the Clan Now has the following Leadership Structure:-

Leaders - Barky, Dopefiend, Ultraviolator.
Captains - Slasha, Eddie_Ice, Gickatron.

Further information can be found on the forums at MuT>>>General>>>Cabinnet Shuffle.
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Clan News    Clan News
Barky - 05.03.2008 00:08

Please head to the forums and goto MuT>>>General>>>MuT Clans April Onwards

This is the Link

Please Vote and Post.
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Clan News    Clan News
Barky - 04.03.2008 22:57
Ok Recently I asked in the forums whether we should disband on GRAW, we have not been playing many games anyway and also the attendance has not been good.

However, the 360 has just got 9 new maps (on top of the 40 already available) and I would imagine that the PS3 will get them soon. So really the question has become which will be the other clan to the Vegas 2 clan come the End of March. CoD or GRAW??
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Clan News    Clan News
Schedule Update for March
Barky - 04.03.2008 03:46
CoD Confirmed - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 23rd and 25th.
CoD Pending - N/A.
Challenges to re-schedule - N/A.

GRAW Confirmed - 9th, 11th.
GRAW Pending - N/A.
Challenges to re-schedule - 4.

Start Signing Up for those games.
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Clan News    Clan News
Vegas May Bring New Challenges
Barky - 04.03.2008 00:50
There has been a lot of comments on the CG forums about how the Vegas 2 ladders should be played and the popular decision seems to be that all maps and modes will be available on a single ladder.

Yes, this was the case for GRAW on GB but that was not such a busy ladder where as Vegas 2 looks like it is gonna be active with most of the big EU clans.

So, we will eventually get to play some of the big FPS boys that have battered us in the past on titles like BF, RFOM and even Vegas TSS on something that is more up our alley (not Ultra's back one) than theirs. We might be unlucky and get some shit modes out of the randomiser but lets hope that we can also get some good ones when we play some of the big clans.

We still dont know how many of you are getting it so head on over to the forums and put your name down if you are. Also check out the forums for all the latest news on the online mode of Vegas 2.
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Clan News    Clan News
Vegas 2 Roster
Barky - 03.03.2008 03:33
CG have launched the Vegas 2 ladder ahead of the games release in a little over 2 weeks.

MuT Have set up and if you want an invite please check out the forums or speak to Barky.
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Clan News    Clan News
March Schedule (1st-20th)
Barky - 28.02.2008 01:54
The Games are being arranged quickly for March and the schedule for the first 3 weeks is almost complete.

CoD Confirmed - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 10th, 13th, 18th and 20th.
CoD Pending - 16th.

GRAW Confirmed - 9th, 11th.
GRAW Pending - 17th.

Start Signing Up for those games.
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Clan News    Clan News
BF:Bad Company Delayed
Barky - 28.02.2008 01:45
EA has stated that Bad Company will not be launched until their new Fiscal year (starting 1/4/2008). So the title will no longer be launched in March, it is also not looking like it will be April either as 1UP have it listed as 10/5/2008 and IGN have the US Release as June 2008 and the EU release as Q2 2008.

Any decision on a MuT BF Clan will now depend on the final release date for both BF and Socom as they appear to be roughly the same.
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Clan News    Clan News
Opponent Information
Barky - 27.02.2008 07:43
The MuT Website has been updated to include some details on all previous matches against an opponent.

Now if you click on an opponents name it will tell you all the matches played against them that are recorded on the site. So when you look at the future wars area and you think you know that opponent you no longer need to go searching through all the matches until you find them and look at the match report just click on their name.

The option has been on the RnB Site for a very long time but was only migrated onto the MuT site today, the sites work slightly differently so if anyone comes across a problem with additional opponent info just let me know.

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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Clock 500
Barky - 26.02.2008 10:19
The MuTineers have now played over 500 official clan matches. The majority of which have been played on the Socom titles but well over a 100 have now been clocked up on other titles mostly on the PS3.

The total is now over 950 for the MuT and RnB Clans Combined.
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Clan News    Clan News
New Clans for MuT, Your Choice.
Barky - 26.02.2008 10:15
Head over to the RnB Forums and let us know if you are interested in a MuT Clan on the two big titles coming in March.

For Vegas Head to MuTineers >>> Vegas >>>> Vegas 2.

For BattleField Head to MuTineers >>> General >>> BF: Bad Company.

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Clan News    Clan News
February Schedule Full
Barky - 04.02.2008 09:10
MuT have a full schedule for Feb, with matches every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday(excl 14th) and Sunday.

Having already played 3 games so far there are another 14 to go, 6 on GRAW and 8 on CoD. So get signing up for another busy MuT Month.
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Clan News    Clan News
February Will see MuT hit 500
Barky - 30.01.2008 15:10
The month of February will see MuT hit 500 Clan matches and take the MuT/RnB total to over 950 Wars.

MuT currently stand at 485 Games played and have 13 challenges already confirmed in Feb, 1 more still to play in Jan, and with a further 3 challenges still awaiting acceptance for Feb there is no doubt that MuT will hit 500.

RnB however, have not played many wars for some time, a handful on CoD but otherwise have not had much to do, hopefully this will change soon, some titles may offer a revival of RnB's late night squads or maybe even a full calendar like the days of old. We will await a decent title.

Anyway, lets hope for a good MuT February and by the 28th MuT will have passed yet another century.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT/RnB Enter CoD 4 Tourneys
Barky - 28.11.2007 02:48
Both the MuT full clan and RnB quads are entered into the Call of Duty 4 Tournaments on CG.

The Draw is yet to be made but each tournament is to host 64 teams and they have a start date of the 8/12/2007.

More Details to Follow Soon.......
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Back in Action
Barky - 19.11.2007 09:01
RnB have not played a game since the 7th of September, beating [TSA] 2-1(2-5,6-5,5-4) in a Socom CA Squads match. Now they are all set for a new challenge and on the 22nd of November the newly formed Call of Duty 4 Quads team will take to the battlefield in a war against Bloodpack (team bravo).

The RnB Roster is Barky, Ultra, Eddie, Stiff, Haino and Slasha. BP currently have two members of [MuT] playing in their Quads, Gabz and Hero.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT/RnB 900 Up
Barky - 14.11.2007 11:15
On the 13th November 2007, MuT and RnB took their total clan battles to 900 with a Game against War Pigs on GRAW. The match was lost 2-1 (0-2,2-0,0-2).

It was only 14/7 when we reported a total of 800 games so in just 4 months 100 more wars have been fought, the majority of which were by MuT. The totals for each are 456 MuT and 444 RnB.

Now onto our 1000th
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT/RnB Retire on PS2
Barky - 27.10.2007 12:31
After 3 Years of Gaming on the Playstation 2 MuT and RnB clans have now officially withdrawn from all ladders.

The move followed from yet another clan match where the opposition cheated and the clan decided enough is enough. It was a game against DCO on Socom CA and it was the final straw. Playing on a game that is difficult to find a decent challenge as the ladder is virtually dead and yet still finding cheats when a match is accepted just proved not only how sad the clans that cheat really are but also showed how much of a waste of MuT and RnB's time it would be to carry on.

Well Played to all PS2 clan members for all the support and laugh over the 3 years.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Celebrate 3 Years In Style
Barky - 04.10.2007 21:08
As MuT turn three (5/10) they enter into their new year on a winning Streak. On the 4/10 MuT beat KA on the EU Graw ladder 2-0 (2-1, 2-0) making it two on the bounce on Graw and firming up the number two ladder slot.

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Clan News    Clan News
Something for Everyone
Barky - 24.09.2007 17:54
Games have been organised for the Next two weeks on all MuT clans.

Socom CA - 01/10, 04/10
Vegas - 27/09, 30/09, 03/10
GRAW - 24/09, 25/09, 26/09, 02,10

So make sure you all sign up for the games you can play!!!
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Clan News    Clan News
Barky - 14.09.2007 15:49
The MuTineers have signed up to the EU GRAW ladder on GameBattles, however due the fact that there are only a few teams they have also signed up to the US Ladder in the hope of finding some matches.

Currently the Team consists of Barky, Stiffo, Node-, Haino, Slasha and there are invites outstanding to Joe, Ultra and Dope who said they are getting the game.

In other GRAW news with the lack of a CG ladder RnB had actually created a GRAW Quads league on the old Socom Doubles league site but are not sure that this is gonna run now that GB have a ladder, however, we will see.

Any members that get GRAW please let Barky know
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT get 150th Win
Barky - 05.09.2007 11:36
Last night The MuTineers played TSA on Socom CA. The game was Double Fault which MuT won 2-0 (6-1,6-1) This took MuT back into the Top 30 on CG and also gave us our 150th MuT win on all ladders and leagues.

MuT Career Stats -
BF2 Pld 11 W 1 L 10
R6V Pld 33 W 10 L 23 (4 games lost were TSS)
RFOM Pld 23 W 2 L 21
Soc 2 Pld 153 W 67 L 86
Soc 3 Pld 161 W 62 L 99
Soc CA Pld 25 W 8 L 17
TOTAL Pld 406 W 150 L 256
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Clan News    Clan News
Vegas and CA Tournament Draws
Barky - 27.08.2007 09:13
All the draws have been made for the tournaments and below are the clans we have drawn.

Vegas (Survival) - [SMC] Shadowfalls MC (30/8 20:00)
Vegas (Shapshooter) - [BZ] BodyZnatchers Team Bravo (TBA)
Socom (Clan) - [ACE] The ACE's (TBA)
Socom (Squads) - [SRU] Snipers R Us (TBA)
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT CA Jump into Top 30
Barky - 14.08.2007 10:27
Last night another victory boosted MuT up the CG Ladder. FoD were the opposition and in a very tight game MuT clinched it 2-1 (6-5, 2-6, 3-1).

Following on from the replayed match against DGF that MuT romped it now brings us up to 29th in the CG Ladder.

Well Played All.
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Clan News    Clan News
Super Stardust HD Competition
Barky - 01.08.2007 10:55
MuT have announced a competition on the downloadable Super Stardust HD.

Get over to the PS Store and download it to your PS3 for 5GBP, then goto the Forums and register for the Competition.

The Winner will receive a MuT Baseball cap.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT/RnB - 800+
Barky - 18.07.2007 00:43
On Saturday 14th July 2007, MuT/RnB played their 800th Registered Clan War. The Match was against SoB on Vegas which ended in defeat but proved that the clan are around to have a laugh and accept challenges from anyone.

102 of these matches were played on the CG Ladders which only started in April.

WP to all clan members, new and old.
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Clan News    Clan News
More Wars
Barky - 10.07.2007 12:14
Half a Dozen new wars have been added to the calendar, 3 Socom CA, 4 Vegas and 1 RFOM plus a CA Squads for RnB.

More will be added before the month is out and with any luck people will start accepting Survival wars on Vegas and we can then get a few more of these as this appears to be the game of the hour.

Anyway, keep registering for the games and welcome to all the new members (and some returning ones)
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Goto Vegas and Other News
Barky - 04.07.2007 10:18
The MuTineers have formed on Rainbow 6 Vegas on both Sharpshooter and Survival Ladders.

The opening game on the Sharpshooter (Respawn Ladder) will be 4/7 at 19:00 against Brutal combat Killers. No games have yet been confirmed on the Survival Ladder.

In other events in the MuT camp last nights (3/7) Fiasco of a Socom 2 match really does look like be the final one that MuT play, whether it was the servers or the Opposition causing all the lag was unconfirmed but just went to frustrate and annoy MuT.

A poll will be held on the forums for which games MuT should continue to play.
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Clan News    Clan News
Barky - 03.06.2007 11:33
Console Gaming appear to be in tournament season at the moment and MuT/RnB are jumping on that bandwagon.

MuT who missed out on the signups for the RFOM Clan Tournament last month have made the signups for both Socom 2 and Socom CA Clan Tournaments. RnB will be competing in the RFOM Quads and the Socom CA Squads Tournaments.

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Clan News    Clan News
Old School : New War
Barky - 14.05.2007 13:35
The MuTineers will play their first Socom 2 Clan match in over a Year.

The game set against [DOP] for the 20/5 at 20:00 will be 6v6 and is to be played over Requiem Twice and Sujo as the Decider.

MuTs last outing on Socom 2 was 4/4/2006 which ended in a 2-0 victory against Zero Patrol.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Form on Socom CA
Barky - 14.05.2007 12:18
Console Gaming has opened the Clan Ladder for Socom Combined Assualt and The MuTineers are now registered.

Invites have been sent out so please log in to CG and accept.

There is currently however no Squads ladder so RnB have only formed as Doubles.

There are also still outstanding invitations on Socom 2, so please make sure that you log in and accept all your invites.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Disbanded
Barky - 01.05.2007 18:28
After a showing of 2 people online for the game Against Voodoo People (7pm 1/5) the clan has been Disbanded on Console Gaming and GameBattles.

The In Game Roster open so anyone who wants can see where other players may be.
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Clan News    Clan News
R:FOM Clan Expands
Barky - 17.04.2007 10:48
As you will be able to see from the Members list and from the Console Gaming Roster, MuT has taken new members on board for Resistance to enable us to play clan matches.

We now have 3 matches confirmed for this month and another suggestion in with a clan.

RnB Quads also have 3 games arranged. RnB won their opener but then had to give a win away due to a shortage of players for the second game. Barky has requested that Console Gaming look at how many players are allowed on a quads roster and are trying to get it increased.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Win Opener
Barky - 13.04.2007 10:22
Last Night (12/4/2007) RnB Resistance Quads beat Blood Legion in their first outing onto the Resistance Ladder. The score was 2-0 (2-1,2-1). Playing for RnB were Barky, Dope, Eddie and Kain (was allowed to play as no-one from quads available).

The result meant that RnB top the Console Gaming Quads ladder, it was also a first in the fact that RnB won an opening match on a new game.

WP All.
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Clan News    Clan News
Console Gaming to Go Live 5/4
Barky - 02.04.2007 14:03
Console Gaming are due to launch their ladders on 5/4. MuT and RnB clans will be present for both Socom 3 and Resistance.
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Clan News    Clan News
Socom Combined Assault
Barky - 13.03.2007 14:20
The MuT Site has been updated in advance of the release of Socom CA. The database is ready to accept matches and challenges on any of the 22 maps.

To help MuT prepare for clan matches, images of all the 10 new maps have been loaded to the MuT Tactics area of the site (63 map images in total, 1 for each mode that is available). The Existing Socom 3 maps that make up Combined Assaults 22 have also been added to the MuT Tactics area under Combined Assualt, all the comments that were added previously for Socom 3 still exist on the CA area.

All we need now is for the game to eventually come out.
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Clan News    Clan News
Talks At Camp Scheveningen
Barky - 22.02.2007 12:29
Within the next week or so Crisis Talks\Slurs will be held at Camp Scheveningen on the current form and roster of The MuTineers following a few disastrous performances that even saw a double loss on Blackwoods Extraction.

Senior MuTineer officials are reported to be gathering to discuss issues such as removal of all inactive members, Squad reassignments and the general morale and (dis)position of the troops. Also believed to be on the agenda are Attendance, Prep Rooms and members that have gone AWOL during clan matches.

It was widely thought that the clan would remain pretty static until the move to ConsoleGaming but it now seems that the Senior Chiefs would like to make sure that the clan is firing on all cylinders before the transition and also make sure that a cohesive clan is in place from day one for Combined Assault.

No announcement has yet been made of an exact date of the talks but it has been confirmed that RnB Clans are NOT on the agenda and will continue to function as is.

MuT Officials have made it clear that they would appreciate input on this which can be left on the Forums of this thread.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Launch First PS3 Clan
Barky - 05.02.2007 15:15
Following last weeks news that MuT have launched a 360 Clan to compete on Gears of War, RnB have now launched a PS3 Clan on Resistance : Fall of Man.

The clan, which is currently listed on the US GameBattles FOM Doubles Ladder, will be moved across to Console Gaming when Resistance hits Europe and with this a full MuT clan could well be launched.

We will let you know in the next few weeks how RnB get on with the PS3, Resistance and the Yanks.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT 360
Barky - 26.01.2007 11:00
Coming soon!!! The MuTineers 360

MuT 360 has just registered a GOW clan on GB, however this will be moved to either Paniczoom or ConsoleGaming in the very near future but we wanted to see if we could get a 360 clan together in the meantime.

A few invites have been sent out and more will follow but those of you with 360's please goto the forums and under the 360 section register your GB and Gamertags.
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Clan News    Clan News
And So It Begins
Barky - 10.01.2007 08:48
Thats right, the New Year is under way and the matches are starting to flood back in. So make sure you start signing up for games again so that we know who is about and who isn't, you can find details and the sign up option in the Future Wars area. All matches are listed on the calendar as well.

The RnB League is back under way after the Xmas break as well and it is important that teams now catch up with outstanding matches.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Stop Record Win Streak
Barky - 05.01.2007 09:47
RnB Squads have not played since narrowly losing their challenge for the European Crown, one game had been arranged but RnB won that by no show.

Last night (4th Jan 2007) however saw RnB take on Killing Squad, a team they had played and lost to on 3 previous occasions. KS, currently number 1 on the GB Ladder had a win streak of 15, which is level top in the GB Hall of Fame, a win against RnB would see them clear as the best win streak for Squads ever on Socom 3. RnB Ranked 19th just wanted to get some revenge for previous losses and banish the ghosts from the Crown match.

It was all starting to look like the normal nightmare when RnB threw away the lead in the first map (Devils Road, Small, Night, Seals) and lost it on a tiebreak 6-5. But as RnB swapped on to Terrorists the tide turned, RnB won 6-3 and got choice on the final map. Waterworks, Small, Day, Terror – RnB were dominant, never looking like losing this and leading from the off to come across the finish line with a 6-2 win.

So RnB Moved up 6 places to 13th, KS remain the top of the ladder but have to start from scratch if they want that win streak. Next up for RnB are Z~Fighters, currently ranked 3rd in the ladder.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT Deducted 100 XP
Barky - 02.01.2007 14:05
MuT got deducted 100 XP by GB last week for not playing a match within 7 days and having an XP level of 8.

GB obviously didn't realise what time of year it is or take into account the fact that MuT generally play 3 or 4 games a week.

With Xmas and New Year now passed normal games will resume and once again you can expect a hectic schedule. The RnB League is now well under way and clans that have not played games in time should try hard now to catch up with them so that everyone is on a level footing.

Soon MuT will move onto Socom CA so lets try and end Socom 3 with a good run (although it is not yet decided whether the Socom 3 clan will retire).
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Clan News    Clan News
Close but No Cigar
Barky - 02.01.2007 13:58
RnB narrowly missed out on claiming the Squads Crown on Friday 29th December. In a match against DOP, RnB took the first map as Terrorists on Devils Road then lost as Seals on the same map. The deciding map, Crucible, went to the 3rd tiebreak before DOP clinched the match 2-1 (5-4, 4-6, 1-2).
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Get a Crack at the Crown
Barky - 29.12.2006 13:36
Tonight (Fri 29th Dec) will see RnB Squads take on DOP for the Squads Crown.

MuT recently beat DOP in a full clan match and RnB will be hoping to mirror that performance tonight.

It will be the first time that RnB have had a crack at the title and you will all know the result soon enough.
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Clan News    Clan News
Merry Christmas
Barky - 21.12.2006 15:05
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You All.

The Leaders of MuT would like to thank you all for your participation in matches and general banter and laugh we have had this year. We have had a few ups and downs but on the whole we have done remarkably well, reaching 18th at one stage in the Ladder and finishing mid table in both the GB and EUSL Leagues so we can look forward to next year and trying to get even higher up the ladder.

Other things to look forward to next year are the continuation of the RnB Doubles League, Socom Combined Assalt and for the general masses that have not been able to obtain one yet, the Launch of the PlayStation 3.

So we hope you all have a good one, RnB are throwing a bit of a do in Camp Scheveningen for New Year if any of you care to make it (Dingle Chav Brummies have put a deposit down on the spare room) there is plenty of space.

All the Best - Barky, Red Legend and Stiffler
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Clan News    Clan News
New Forums
Barky - 01.12.2006 19:48
The Forums Area has been totally re-vamped and is now reachable from the MuT, RnB and RnB League Sites.

There is an Area for Each of the Clans to Post Threads and also an Area for RnB League Match Reports (the first two are already posted).

So, we hope you enjoy the new forums, get registered and start posting.
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT - Dizzy New Heights
Barky - 21.11.2006 23:28

Yep MuT have gone into 19th position on the GB ladder, their highest position to date. Lets try and stay on top of things and keep plugging away at the ladders
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Clan News    Clan News
MuT and TSA Socom 2 Clan
Barky - 21.11.2006 15:11
GB have re-introduced the Socom 2 Ladder. Most of you still have the game and if anyone is interested in joining please add a comment on this article.

The GB Roster page can be found HERE.


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Clan News    Clan News
RnB League Begins
Barky - 20.11.2006 19:01
The RnB League Sign Ups are complete. Now it is time for the games to begin. Make sure you are all aware of the rules (ask Barky if you have any questions).

The first match must be completed by the 4/12 and will then proceed with a game a week (there is a two week Xmas break) until the end of the season.

Good Luck to Everyone.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB League Website
Barky - 16.11.2006 00:18
The RnB League now has its own Web Domain Name.


You can also get to the site from the RnB WebSite WWW.REDNBARKY.COM just follow the Link at the bottom of any page to RnB League.

Remember, sign ups for the League will end during next week, so if you want to win the first ever RnB Doubles League then sign up NOW, get to the site and hit JOIN on the Main Menu.
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Clan News    Clan News
RnB Doubles League Opens
Barky - 10.11.2006 02:02
The RnB League is now ready and MuT members are invited to join up your doubles clans.

Follow this link The RnB Socom Doubles League to get to the Home Page and then check out the Rules and Register your clan by clicking on the Join option.

Once we feel there are enough clans the fixture list will be drawn up and MuT can test there skills against each other to find out who will be the top MuT Doubles Team.

Good Luck
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Clan News    Clan News
Coming Soon - Doubles League
Barky - 09.11.2006 09:25
RnB are in the process of launching an addition to the website to have a dedicated Socom Doubles League for MuT Members. MuT already have a few doubles teams in circulation, the Original and Mighty RnB themselves, SNS - Slasha & SilentSpud, ULF - Stiffler & Snuff, ZeR - Symon & Black. F~J - Jim and Kain seem to have disbanded but quite sure they will be back for this and it would be good to see some of the other members get it together and give it a go.

The Rules will not be the same as you have played in any other league and should make the game more interesting and balance things out with matches being played both Home and Away, where to Sign up and details on all the Rules and organising matches will be issued soon.

Even though GB registration is not necessary I think it would be good as the GB Ladder is not very active and we can all agree that the matches are registered on both so it will give everyone games.

So look out for further news as to the Launch and any interested parties can also post on this thread.
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Clan News    Clan News
Metal Gear Solid
Barky - 08.11.2006 12:04
RnB have now played their first two games on MGS. Although both ended in heavy defeats there was definitely signs that the game could be a good laugh and also one in which RnB may get some joy.

The first game against VeX was a massive defeat and RnB only looked good in a couple of rounds on the second map and even then not very. It was total ownage and the final score was 2-0 (6-0, 6-0).

The second game was against PTF and this was a slightly different story. The opening round RnB were 1 second from victory when the capture was stopped and continued to battle the round out but PTF took it with 3 seconds remaining on the clock. The next five rounds were not as heavily contested as PTF got their act together but RnB were only playing with 3 against 4. The second map PTF took the first 3 rounds but then RnB with their three players seemed to finally get to grip with things. The next two rounds RnB won, their first ever, unfortunately after that RnB lost another man and had to play out the map 2 v 4. However, the fight was still very close, only losing by a couple of tickets in each of the next 3 rounds. I do believe RnB would have won the map with a full team.

So good signs we just need some good arrangements for matches so that we are never short handed again. There are still a couple of slots left on the roster so if anyone wants in let us know.
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Clan News    Clan News
Top 20
Barky - 02.11.2006 23:29
At last MuT Break into the Top 20. After numerous failed attempts last night (2/11/2006) saw MuT beat bMf and gain 20th spot. The final result was 2-1 (6-1, 0-3, 6-1) In yet another close, tight and well played game, lets hope we can try and hold on to it. No games are yet arranged but they will be soon.

On another note, the final GB League match was awarded as a win as the clan [nBk] disbanded, we ended up 3rd in our league on 5 for 2, although one of the wins we got was against someone we lost to so not really sure what happened there.

Anyway, I will keep you posted about when the leagues start up again.
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Clan News    Clan News
Sunday Fun and Carnage
Barky - 26.10.2006 09:49
October 29th....... A day to put in your diary for two Reasons.....

The Big Pikey reaches 30, yep passportless Dopefiend (although he claims he now has one) moves into his 4th decade.

Socom 2.... Following a Full Socom 3 Clan match at 6pm and a Squads at 8:30pm we will be moving across to Socom 2 to set up a MuT Darkside room. It will be passworded but just ask for details. Dont come if you want to play Crossroads all night, it will be there but so will all the maps.

See you all Sunday.
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Clan News    Clan News
General News
Barky - 25.10.2006 01:06
GB Ladder
There are FIVE matches lined up before the end of the month.
Thurs 26th 19:00 Vs [bE]
Sat 28th 19:30 Vs [T~A]
Sun 29th 18:00 Vs [5th]
Mon 30th 19:00 Vs [ssf]
Tues 31st 20:00 Vs [V-E]

Please make sure all members sign up in the FUTURE WARS area as to whether you are available or not. Also your E-Mail address's have been changed on your profiles to match your regular address so as matches are registered from now on you will be informed via e-mail.

GB League
Fixture 6 was due to be played against [SR~] but they appear to have disbanded so a ticket has been put in to give us the win. Fixture 7 will be arranged very shortly.

RnB Squads
There are two matches lined up prior to the end of the month.
Weds 25th 20:00 Vs [KA]
Sun 29th 20:30 Vs [N~]

Metal Gear Solid
The RnB Metal Gear Solid clan will soon be ready to start accepting matches, any MuT members who have the game and wish to join please contact Barky. A challenge has already been made by VeXeD (Mostly Socom TNT Members) but we have yet to confirm a date, TSA and BSE are also asking for matches.
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Clan News    Clan News
Match Cancelled
Barky - 23.10.2006 22:14
The Game against [»69], SoiXante Neuf! for Tuesday 24th at 19:30 is cancelled. dont know where the challenge went but it is no longer on GB.

However, we are still trying to arrange a match. So please check out the Future Wars area and Sign Up if a game is listed.

It should be noted that not enough players are using the site to sign up their availability and this is making it increasingly difficult to get a side together. If a game is on there please say YES or NO as to your availability.
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Clan News    Clan News
League News
Barky - 16.10.2006 09:20
MuT Ended the EuSL on a high, taking out ZP 2-1 (0-1, 6-0, 6-0). However, the highest they can hope for is a fourth (out of 7) place finish and that still depends on the remaining results. The campaign started well securing the first 3 games but then things dropped of as the next 3 all ended in defeat. It was good to get a win in the final game and we will let you know where we finish up and our starting league for the next season.

The fifth game of the GB League is tonight (16/10) at 8pm against End Of Days. Level in the GB League with 2 wins 2 losses. MuT won the ladder game the last time these two sides met. End of Days are currently lying 20th in the GB Ladder compared to MuTs 29th.
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Clan News    Clan News
Metal Gear Solid
Barky - 13.10.2006 02:59
A new RnB [MuT] Squad is forming on the Online Release of Metal Gear Solid Subsistence. The new clan is now on GB and can be found HERE.

The online game is a maximum of 4 vs 4 which is why it has been set up as an RnB clan, the currently listed members are Barky, Red (who will go and get the game NOW), Dope, and Human (DAN83). Already interested parties (those promising to go get it), Ratty, Slasha, Earth and Ultra (another with no choice).

So let Red or Barky Know if you are interested or post a comment on this news thread.
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Clan News    Clan News
Bad Run
Barky - 09.10.2006 10:34
MuTs bad run continued yesterday making it 6 straight defeats. Pushing them back down the ladder to 30th. Some of the defeats have also come in the leagues and means that some good results will need to be pulled out of the bag to keep it respectable.

Another hard week is in store with the EuSL match on wednesday against TR who are currently lying second in the league and are top 5 on the GB Ladder. Thursday will see a ladder match against ITZ and then Sunday is the Final game of the EuSL against Zero Patrol.

Lets hope that MuT can pick themselves back up from this poor form.
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Clan News    Clan News
A Wealth of History
Barky - 05.10.2006 11:16
The website continues to get its makeover and the latest additions to the site can be found on the Home Page.

There are now links to show you the Original MuTineers Results History and going back even further the Results History of [WTF].

So with this final part of the results puzzle finished, no matter how long ago the game was, it is now all here in one place.
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Clan News    Clan News
League News
Barky - 04.10.2006 15:00
More matches have been arranged for both EU Socom League and the GB League. The next game to take place will be in the GB League on Fri 6/10 20:00 against [DOG] Dirty Old Gangstas, MuT won last time these clans met 2-1 (6-2, 2-6, 6-0) 23rd August.

In the EuSL a suggestion is outstanding against [TR] Team Revolution for Mon 9/10 20:00, the last time these two clans met MuT were thrashed 2-0 (0-6, 0-6) 15th May, it was MuTs 3rd game on Socom 3. TR are currently lying 2nd in the League and are also ranked 6th on the GB Ladder.

The final match of the league for EuSL has been confirmed against [ZP] Zero Patrol Sun 15/10 20:00. These clans have never met on Socom 3 but met on two occasions on Socom 2, both of which MuT won, 2-1 (6-3, 4-6, 6-1) 2nd March and in MuTs final ever Socom 2 match 2-0 (6-5, 5-4) 4th April.

Members, please make sure you sign up you availability in the Future Wars Area.
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Clan News    Clan News
Website Update
Barky - 02.10.2006 09:25
The POLLS are back. This time round there are two types of Polls, those that are Public and those that are for MuT members only (you have to be logged in to register your vote on these).

The opening public poll is an old favourite and we ask for the first time on Socom 3 who is the Socom Sponge. RearNakedJim, two times winner is in the list as are many that we have heard you screaming about over recent months.

Happy voting all.
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Clan News    Clan News
Back to Winning Ways
Barky - 28.09.2006 23:59
MuT bounced back straight away after the recent EuSL defeat and played a GB Ladder match against [FED] The Federation last night (28/9) winning 2-1 (6-2, 3-4, 5-2) in another 3+ hours game which saw MuT back into the top 25.

MuT were also awarded a win yesterday by GB Admin against [BAF] British Army Force in the GB League for their failure to respond and play the challenge within the alloted league stated time. The game should have been played by the 27th and although numerous challenges had been made and e-mails sent nothing was ever responded too.

The Next clan war is also a GB League Match against [Ts] Terror Squad on Sunday 1/10 at 19:00. The last time the two clans met was 18/7 when MuT were whitewashed 2-0 (0-6, 0-6).

Following that on Monday 2/10 20:00 MuT are back in action on EuSL against the League Leaders [Gb] GoodBoyz.

Tuesday sees a MuT rematch against [SaW] Soldiers at War in a GB ladder match, the last game (20/8) ended in victory for MuT 2-1 (5-3, 5-6, 1-0).
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Clan News    Clan News
EuSL - MuT Suffer First Defeat
Barky - 27.09.2006 23:43
Last Night (27/9) MuT suffered their first defeat in the EuSL at the hands of the Norwegian~Mercenaries, in A match that lasted over 4 Hours and was extremely tight until the very last round. A full report can be found in The War Room.

Next up for MuT in the EuSL is GoodBoyz who top the League Table and are favourites to be there at the end of the season. The match is fixtured for 2/10 20:00.

Only two more matches after that, both of whch will be tough, MuT Members can vote for their choice of map selection for the final two games by going to the POLLS section of the site.
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Clan News    Clan News
Flying High
Barky - 25.09.2006 23:05
MuT continued their great run in the EuSL by grabbing another victory against NOR last night.

It was a good natured game and once again the MuT map choice won through. A full report can be found in the WAR ROOM and a look at the League Table shows you just how on top of things we are.

Another Norwegian opponent awaits MuT on Wednesday in the shape of Norwegian~Mercenaries.
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Clan News    Clan News
Website Update
Barky - 25.09.2006 14:27
The website is now back online fully. There is a new website address

There are many more changes coming with some expected in the very near future such as a gallery area and the re-introduction of the RnB Polls (although they will now be on the MuT Site).

So keep on coming back and looking for the new features.

Clan members should remember to sign up for matches in the Future wars area. Also on the new side menu system you will see a link that says "Own VWAR Profile", if you click on this you can update your personal details and also put in your usual e-mail address so that you get an automatic e-mail whenever a clan match is arranged. The Tactics area is still available exclusively to MuT members and should be used to offer any pearls of wisdom to the clan, you will also find the maps located here and the ability to download and upload edited maps.
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Clan News    Clan News
Another Victory
Barky - 21.09.2006 05:19
MuT took another victory on the GB Ladder (20/9) putting them back into the Top 30. It was a very tight game against DOP which was won 4-3, 1-0.

We are still trying to arrange a match for the 21/9 and have a few already confirmed for next week.

24/9 19:30 v [360] - GB Ladder
25/9 20:00 v [NOR] - EuSL + GB Ladder
27/9 19:00 v [N~M] - EuSL
28/9 21:00 v [FED] - GB Ladder
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Top Of The League(s)
Barky - 19.09.2006 11:43
Following last nights victory in the EuSL, MuT have moved to joint top along side GoodBoyz who we play on the 2/10 20:00. So a great start to the campaign. Our next confirmed fixture is against NOR-TEAM currently lying bottom and will take place on 25/9 20:00. There is also a pending challenge against Norwegian-Mercenaries for 21/9 20:00.

Our first outing was a success against TuS and puts us level on points at the top (although behind on map difference), we are awaiting the Schedule for Fixture Two.
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EuSL News
Barky - 18.09.2006 11:26
Two more fixtures have been confirmed in the European Socom League.

18/9 20:00 v Wildcard XVI
25/9 20:00 v NOR-TEAM

See Future Wars for full details and to sign up your avaiability.

One suggestion is still outstanding 21/9 20:00 v Norwegian~Mercenaries
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League Games
Barky - 15.09.2006 01:42
The MuTineers won their Debut 06 GB Socom 3 League Match in a very close game against a team that we have played many times...but mostly in squads as RnB.

The game was eventualy won 2-1 and means that both leagues (GB and EuSL) have started victorious.

More league games are coming up soon but the future wars area is where to check as not all are GB Matches, so please dont just look at GB and think there is not a game.... Look at the MuT Calendar and look at the Future Wars section on the site..... SIGN UP, IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR US TO KNOW WHO IS AVAILABLE.

Well Played MuT....
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League Updates
Barky - 11.09.2006 12:58
GB League 1st Week Schedule

The game will be against [TUS] The Usual Suspects who we beat just last week. I have challenged for 14/9 at 7pm. We are now awaiting acceptance. The Third map for the week is Harvester Demo Day. Please also Note that the League matches also count as Ladder matches.

EuSL Update

We have had a response from the League, our opponents [TN.] did report that we won 2-1 but did not put the map results in. They are now verifying the scores I sent them and will then update the league table.

I have also sent proposed challenges for the next 3 matches for the following dates and times. 18/9 8pm, 21/9 8pm and 25/9 8pm.
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GB League Draw Update
Barky - 10.09.2006 22:27
The Free Spot in our League (Bravo) has been filled by British Army Force, who actually have a win against us (NO SHOW) as they accepted a challenge that we believed had been deleted as we played another match that night. So Time for some pay back.

The League standings can be found here GB LEAGUE. The Schedule has not yet been released so we will keep you up to date on fixtures, these can also be seen in The Future Wars area of the Site.

For Info - the EuSL Table can be found here EuSL LEAGUE. It does not appear that our WIN has yet been registered and we are in the process of trying to get this resolved. We are also trying to arrange the next few fixtures.

Lets hope for continued victories in BOTH Leagues.
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GB League Draw
Barky - 09.09.2006 01:23
- Free Spot- Well lets hope its filled then
- End of Days - We Beat
- The MuTineers - We are and Own
- The Usual Suspects! - We Beat
- Natural Born Killaz - Never played
- Dirty Old Gangstas - We Beat
- StormRiders - We Lost
- TerrorSquad - Never played
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EuSL A Good Start
Barky - 07.09.2006 23:25
MuT Played their first game on the European Socom League at 8pm on Thursday 7/9. It started with success but not after some problems in the game. [TN.] Ranked 20th on GB did not seem to know the rules of the game.

MuT had to green with only 8 players but were soon with 9 and then could not get the 10th in as TN. had a member sitting in the Lobby on the MuT side. A ref was called after the map and the game was restarted with TN. being 2-1 up. MuT took it 6-3.

The second map was MuT choice on Blackwoods Night but the map was lost 6-1.

The Final Map, Killing Fields Demolition, was eventually won on a tiebreak 6-5.

Well Played MuT.
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First EuSL Game Confirmed
Barky - 03.09.2006 01:34
The first MuT Socom European League Game will be 7th Spetember.

We will be playing Blackwoods Night Terror on Suppression, they chose Storm Front Night Suppression.....The decider is Killing Fields Day Demolition....clan in lead choses side....

So Make sure you ar there, this league is a seeding tournament, we have 2 of the top 5 on GB in our Socom league, 1 in top 25 and 3 others between 60-80.

See you on the Dark Side.
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MuT News Moves To RSS Feed
Barky - 02.09.2006 02:21
The MuT News is now available directly to your desktop on any software that supports RSS Feeds.

You can add it as personal content to places like your MSN, Yahoo or Google Home page.

All you need is the details below :-

Now you can keep track of the MuT news without even logging into the site.
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EuSL and GB Legue Acceptance PLUS EuSL Fixtures and Maps
Barky - 01.09.2006 09:30
We are now registered and in both the European Socom League and the GB Socom League.

You will know when League Matches are to be played by looking at The Future Wars Section.

The GB league will be run via the Normal GB Randomiser with the first map played twice and the second map as the decider played on Demolition.

The EuSL is slightly different with each team choosing from a list of maps and then a given 3rd map as the decider. Below I have pasted the available maps for each fixture. It would be good if team members could add a comment on Which Maps they think we should select for each fixture. This first league will be run as a seeding league for the actual divisions.

When we post the Results in the War Room you will be able to click on the "MatchType" Eu Socom League or GB League and it will take you to the league table.

Fixtures 1 to 3 - Must be completed by 1st October 2006.

Fixture 1: Suppression
Map+Side Selection from: Harvester (day), Cruicible (day), Antenora (night) RPG's Banned, Storm Front (night), Blackwoods (night)
3rd Map: Killing Fields (day) Demolition

[TN.].:TraDiTioN:. V's The MuTineers
NOR-TEAM V's >GoodBoyz<
Norwegian~Mercenaries V's Team Revolution
WildCard [XVI] V's Zero Patrol -- [ZP]

Fixture 2: Demolition
Map+Side Selection from: Citadel (day) RPG's Banned, Killing Fields (day), Tidal Fury (night), Storm Front (day), Blackwoods (night)
3rd Map: Harvester (day) Demolition

NOR-TEAM V's Zero Patrol -- [ZP]
Team Revolution V's >GoodBoyz<
Norwegian~Mercenaries V's [TN.].:TraDiTioN:.
WildCard [XVI] V's The MuTineers

Fixture 3: Extraction
Map+Side Selection from: Devils Road (day), Boneyard RPG's Banned (day), Tiday Fury (day), Storm Front (night), Blackwoods (night)
3rd Map: Cruicible (night) Demolition

[TN.].:TraDiTioN:. V's >GoodBoyz<
Zero Patrol -- [ZP] V's Team Revolution
NOR-TEAM V's WildCard [XVI]
Norwegian~Mercenaries V's The MuTineers

Fixtures 4 to 7 - Must be completed by 5th November 2006.

Fixture 4: Control
Map+Side Selection from: Harvester (day), Devils Road (night), Tidal Fury (night), Storm Front (day), Waterworks (day)
3rd Map: Blackwoods (night) Demolition

NOR-TEAM V's The MuTineers
Norwegian~Mercenaries V's >GoodBoyz<
WildCard [XVI] V's Team Revolution
[TN.].:TraDiTioN:. V's Zero Patrol -- [ZP]

Fixture 5: Convoy
Map+Side Selection from: Harvester (night), Cruicible (day), Killing Fields (night), Devils Road (day)
3rd Map: Storm Front (day) Demolition

>GoodBoyz< V's The MuTineers
WildCard [XVI] V's [TN.].:TraDiTioN:.
NOR-TEAM V's Team Revolution
Norwegian~Mercenaries V's Zero Patrol -- [ZP]

Fixture 6: Breach
Map+Side Selection from: Harvester (day), Waterworks (day)
3rd Map: Citadel (day) RPG's Banned Demolition

Norwegian~Mercenaries V's WildCard [XVI]
Zero Patrol -- [ZP] V's >GoodBoyz<
NOR-TEAM V's [TN.].:TraDiTioN:.
Team Revolution V's The MuTineers

Fixture 7: Demolition
Map+Side Selection from: Citadel (day) RPG's Banned, Killing Fields (day), Tidal Fury (night), Storm Front (day), Blackwoods (night)
3rd Map: Harvester (day) Demolition

[TN.].:TraDiTioN:. V's Team Revolution
NOR-TEAM V's Norwegian~Mercenaries
WildCard [XVI] V's >GoodBoyz<
Zero Patrol -- [ZP] V's The MuTineers

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MuT Registering for European Socom League
Barky - 14.08.2006 15:00
The MuTineers have registered for the European Socom League Season 6. This is the first time that the League will have been run for Socom 3.

I will keep you posted on whats happening.
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Email to EA on BF2 Servers
Barky - 06.02.2006 13:32
Below Is the E-mail Sent to EA Support on the Server Issues on BF2

I am a PS2 online user and clan leader. We have a Triples and a Full Clan registered on the GameBattles ladders for BF2.

The servers are a shambles. Not only does it take ages to create a room but the connections drop and more often than not at the end of a round everyones PS2 crashes.

If this is to be the quality of the servers always then i believe the game is being mis-sold as an online title as it is not fit for purpose. Just shut the servers down fully instead of every 20 mins and be done with it, give all owners back half the cost of the game and retire into something that requires little technical expertise.

If something is being done about it then please can you send me the details so that we know when we can start enjoying the BF2 Online Experience properly.


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BattleField 2 Clan Is On GB
Barky - 16.01.2006 03:09
MuT Have launched on GameBattles for BF2.

The First Game is Confirmed for Tuesday the 17th of January. Two more suggestions are already in, so please sign up your GB and Ingame BF2 clan accounts.

Members Invited so far (a) accepted (p) pending (not accepted on either area)

Barky (a)
Red Legend (a)
Sgt_Stiff (a)
Libby (a)
Crick (a)
TlOOO (a) not on BF2 as accepted
the fuzz (a) not on BF2 as accepted
Slasha (a) not on GB as Accepted
Moros (a) not on BF2 as accepted
Dopefiend (a) not on BF2 as accepted
rearnakedjim (p)
Wingdog (p)
slasha.jnr (p)
Wellyboot-Face (p)

If you do not have an Invite on GB then Please let Red, Barky or Stiff KNOW ASAP. Tell them your GB user name and a new one will be sent. You have all been invited on BF2 so please accept or send an e-mail to
The War Room and let us know you dont want to join.

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MuT Member Accounts All Active
Barky - 24.11.2005 03:01
Barky has set up the website and all Member accounts are now Active, goto your RnB Email accounts to find out how to Log in or speak to Red or Barky on MSN or Socom.
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MuT Reformed on GB
Barky - 24.11.2005 02:56
Red Legend has been pro-active in getting the full clan back together to start some 8 v 8 matches.
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