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Clan News    Clan News
Match Cancelled
Barky - 23.10.2006 22:14
The Game against [69], SoiXante Neuf! for Tuesday 24th at 19:30 is cancelled. dont know where the challenge went but it is no longer on GB.

However, we are still trying to arrange a match. So please check out the Future Wars area and Sign Up if a game is listed.

It should be noted that not enough players are using the site to sign up their availability and this is making it increasingly difficult to get a side together. If a game is on there please say YES or NO as to your availability.
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Clan News    Clan News
League News
Barky - 16.10.2006 09:20
MuT Ended the EuSL on a high, taking out ZP 2-1 (0-1, 6-0, 6-0). However, the highest they can hope for is a fourth (out of 7) place finish and that still depends on the remaining results. The campaign started well securing the first 3 games but then things dropped of as the next 3 all ended in defeat. It was good to get a win in the final game and we will let you know where we finish up and our starting league for the next season.

The fifth game of the GB League is tonight (16/10) at 8pm against End Of Days. Level in the GB League with 2 wins 2 losses. MuT won the ladder game the last time these two sides met. End of Days are currently lying 20th in the GB Ladder compared to MuTs 29th.
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Clan News    Clan News
Metal Gear Solid
Barky - 13.10.2006 02:59
A new RnB [MuT] Squad is forming on the Online Release of Metal Gear Solid Subsistence. The new clan is now on GB and can be found HERE.

The online game is a maximum of 4 vs 4 which is why it has been set up as an RnB clan, the currently listed members are Barky, Red (who will go and get the game NOW), Dope, and Human (DAN83). Already interested parties (those promising to go get it), Ratty, Slasha, Earth and Ultra (another with no choice).

So let Red or Barky Know if you are interested or post a comment on this news thread.
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Clan News    Clan News
Bad Run
Barky - 09.10.2006 10:34
MuTs bad run continued yesterday making it 6 straight defeats. Pushing them back down the ladder to 30th. Some of the defeats have also come in the leagues and means that some good results will need to be pulled out of the bag to keep it respectable.

Another hard week is in store with the EuSL match on wednesday against TR who are currently lying second in the league and are top 5 on the GB Ladder. Thursday will see a ladder match against ITZ and then Sunday is the Final game of the EuSL against Zero Patrol.

Lets hope that MuT can pick themselves back up from this poor form.
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Clan News    Clan News
A Wealth of History
Barky - 05.10.2006 11:16
The website continues to get its makeover and the latest additions to the site can be found on the Home Page.

There are now links to show you the Original MuTineers Results History and going back even further the Results History of [WTF].

So with this final part of the results puzzle finished, no matter how long ago the game was, it is now all here in one place.
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