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Clan News    Clan News
League News
Barky - 04.10.2006 15:00
More matches have been arranged for both EU Socom League and the GB League. The next game to take place will be in the GB League on Fri 6/10 20:00 against [DOG] Dirty Old Gangstas, MuT won last time these clans met 2-1 (6-2, 2-6, 6-0) 23rd August.

In the EuSL a suggestion is outstanding against [TR] Team Revolution for Mon 9/10 20:00, the last time these two clans met MuT were thrashed 2-0 (0-6, 0-6) 15th May, it was MuTs 3rd game on Socom 3. TR are currently lying 2nd in the League and are also ranked 6th on the GB Ladder.

The final match of the league for EuSL has been confirmed against [ZP] Zero Patrol Sun 15/10 20:00. These clans have never met on Socom 3 but met on two occasions on Socom 2, both of which MuT won, 2-1 (6-3, 4-6, 6-1) 2nd March and in MuTs final ever Socom 2 match 2-0 (6-5, 5-4) 4th April.

Members, please make sure you sign up you availability in the Future Wars Area.
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Clan News    Clan News
Website Update
Barky - 02.10.2006 09:25
The POLLS are back. This time round there are two types of Polls, those that are Public and those that are for MuT members only (you have to be logged in to register your vote on these).

The opening public poll is an old favourite and we ask for the first time on Socom 3 who is the Socom Sponge. RearNakedJim, two times winner is in the list as are many that we have heard you screaming about over recent months.

Happy voting all.
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Clan News    Clan News
Back to Winning Ways
Barky - 28.09.2006 23:59
MuT bounced back straight away after the recent EuSL defeat and played a GB Ladder match against [FED] The Federation last night (28/9) winning 2-1 (6-2, 3-4, 5-2) in another 3+ hours game which saw MuT back into the top 25.

MuT were also awarded a win yesterday by GB Admin against [BAF] British Army Force in the GB League for their failure to respond and play the challenge within the alloted league stated time. The game should have been played by the 27th and although numerous challenges had been made and e-mails sent nothing was ever responded too.

The Next clan war is also a GB League Match against [Ts] Terror Squad on Sunday 1/10 at 19:00. The last time the two clans met was 18/7 when MuT were whitewashed 2-0 (0-6, 0-6).

Following that on Monday 2/10 20:00 MuT are back in action on EuSL against the League Leaders [Gb] GoodBoyz.

Tuesday sees a MuT rematch against [SaW] Soldiers at War in a GB ladder match, the last game (20/8) ended in victory for MuT 2-1 (5-3, 5-6, 1-0).
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Clan News    Clan News
EuSL - MuT Suffer First Defeat
Barky - 27.09.2006 23:43
Last Night (27/9) MuT suffered their first defeat in the EuSL at the hands of the Norwegian~Mercenaries, in A match that lasted over 4 Hours and was extremely tight until the very last round. A full report can be found in The War Room.

Next up for MuT in the EuSL is GoodBoyz who top the League Table and are favourites to be there at the end of the season. The match is fixtured for 2/10 20:00.

Only two more matches after that, both of whch will be tough, MuT Members can vote for their choice of map selection for the final two games by going to the POLLS section of the site.
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Clan News    Clan News
Flying High
Barky - 25.09.2006 23:05
MuT continued their great run in the EuSL by grabbing another victory against NOR last night.

It was a good natured game and once again the MuT map choice won through. A full report can be found in the WAR ROOM and a look at the League Table shows you just how on top of things we are.

Another Norwegian opponent awaits MuT on Wednesday in the shape of Norwegian~Mercenaries.
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