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Clan News    Clan News
Website Update
Barky - 25.09.2006 14:27
The website is now back online fully. There is a new website address

There are many more changes coming with some expected in the very near future such as a gallery area and the re-introduction of the RnB Polls (although they will now be on the MuT Site).

So keep on coming back and looking for the new features.

Clan members should remember to sign up for matches in the Future wars area. Also on the new side menu system you will see a link that says "Own VWAR Profile", if you click on this you can update your personal details and also put in your usual e-mail address so that you get an automatic e-mail whenever a clan match is arranged. The Tactics area is still available exclusively to MuT members and should be used to offer any pearls of wisdom to the clan, you will also find the maps located here and the ability to download and upload edited maps.
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Clan News    Clan News
Another Victory
Barky - 21.09.2006 05:19
MuT took another victory on the GB Ladder (20/9) putting them back into the Top 30. It was a very tight game against DOP which was won 4-3, 1-0.

We are still trying to arrange a match for the 21/9 and have a few already confirmed for next week.

24/9 19:30 v [360] - GB Ladder
25/9 20:00 v [NOR] - EuSL + GB Ladder
27/9 19:00 v [N~M] - EuSL
28/9 21:00 v [FED] - GB Ladder
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Clan News    Clan News
Top Of The League(s)
Barky - 19.09.2006 11:43
Following last nights victory in the EuSL, MuT have moved to joint top along side GoodBoyz who we play on the 2/10 20:00. So a great start to the campaign. Our next confirmed fixture is against NOR-TEAM currently lying bottom and will take place on 25/9 20:00. There is also a pending challenge against Norwegian-Mercenaries for 21/9 20:00.

Our first outing was a success against TuS and puts us level on points at the top (although behind on map difference), we are awaiting the Schedule for Fixture Two.
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Clan News    Clan News
EuSL News
Barky - 18.09.2006 11:26
Two more fixtures have been confirmed in the European Socom League.

18/9 20:00 v Wildcard XVI
25/9 20:00 v NOR-TEAM

See Future Wars for full details and to sign up your avaiability.

One suggestion is still outstanding 21/9 20:00 v Norwegian~Mercenaries
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Clan News    Clan News
League Games
Barky - 15.09.2006 01:42
The MuTineers won their Debut 06 GB Socom 3 League Match in a very close game against a team that we have played many times...but mostly in squads as RnB.

The game was eventualy won 2-1 and means that both leagues (GB and EuSL) have started victorious.

More league games are coming up soon but the future wars area is where to check as not all are GB Matches, so please dont just look at GB and think there is not a game.... Look at the MuT Calendar and look at the Future Wars section on the site..... SIGN UP, IT MAKES IT EASIER FOR US TO KNOW WHO IS AVAILABLE.

Well Played MuT....
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