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Clan News    Clan News
League Updates
Barky - 11.09.2006 12:58
GB League 1st Week Schedule

The game will be against [TUS] The Usual Suspects who we beat just last week. I have challenged for 14/9 at 7pm. We are now awaiting acceptance. The Third map for the week is Harvester Demo Day. Please also Note that the League matches also count as Ladder matches.

EuSL Update

We have had a response from the League, our opponents [TN.] did report that we won 2-1 but did not put the map results in. They are now verifying the scores I sent them and will then update the league table.

I have also sent proposed challenges for the next 3 matches for the following dates and times. 18/9 8pm, 21/9 8pm and 25/9 8pm.
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Clan News    Clan News
GB League Draw Update
Barky - 10.09.2006 22:27
The Free Spot in our League (Bravo) has been filled by British Army Force, who actually have a win against us (NO SHOW) as they accepted a challenge that we believed had been deleted as we played another match that night. So Time for some pay back.

The League standings can be found here GB LEAGUE. The Schedule has not yet been released so we will keep you up to date on fixtures, these can also be seen in The Future Wars area of the Site.

For Info - the EuSL Table can be found here EuSL LEAGUE. It does not appear that our WIN has yet been registered and we are in the process of trying to get this resolved. We are also trying to arrange the next few fixtures.

Lets hope for continued victories in BOTH Leagues.
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Clan News    Clan News
GB League Draw
Barky - 09.09.2006 01:23
- Free Spot- Well lets hope its filled then
- End of Days - We Beat
- The MuTineers - We are and Own
- The Usual Suspects! - We Beat
- Natural Born Killaz - Never played
- Dirty Old Gangstas - We Beat
- StormRiders - We Lost
- TerrorSquad - Never played
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Clan News    Clan News
EuSL A Good Start
Barky - 07.09.2006 23:25
MuT Played their first game on the European Socom League at 8pm on Thursday 7/9. It started with success but not after some problems in the game. [TN.] Ranked 20th on GB did not seem to know the rules of the game.

MuT had to green with only 8 players but were soon with 9 and then could not get the 10th in as TN. had a member sitting in the Lobby on the MuT side. A ref was called after the map and the game was restarted with TN. being 2-1 up. MuT took it 6-3.

The second map was MuT choice on Blackwoods Night but the map was lost 6-1.

The Final Map, Killing Fields Demolition, was eventually won on a tiebreak 6-5.

Well Played MuT.
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Clan News    Clan News
First EuSL Game Confirmed
Barky - 03.09.2006 01:34
The first MuT Socom European League Game will be 7th Spetember.

We will be playing Blackwoods Night Terror on Suppression, they chose Storm Front Night Suppression.....The decider is Killing Fields Day Demolition....clan in lead choses side....

So Make sure you ar there, this league is a seeding tournament, we have 2 of the top 5 on GB in our Socom league, 1 in top 25 and 3 others between 60-80.

See you on the Dark Side.
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