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Comments: [MuT] vs. [>B<] (22.10.2006 20:00) Total: 1 Comments
Comment #1 23.10.2006 15:51
ill av my say then Comment: #1

28 well what clan i say with no leader there to help us ultra and me slasha tuck control we got hold of the hostages a few times but were sniped but the round we won we eliminated the seals then we pushed forward to try and get 2 rounds but great work by ultra in his tank with his side kick slash were unkillable so we moved on to our second map we started this map thinking we wouldn't stand a chance but after going 4 1 down we came back and u guessed it it was slash and ultra the birth day boy who did it again well winning 6/5 we did it they weren't happy though they said earth-mover was lagging all he did was drive a truck well we did it again 2/o win without the barkster


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