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Comments: [MuT] vs. [LS] (23.10.2006 19:30) Total: 1 Comments
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Eddie Ice

First map Citadel(Extraction).

MVP OPEFIEND 16/11WP Mut play terr
Our plan was to camp and hopefully wait for a chance to break them down
which did come our way .We sort of new they would have the hostages on the roof
which made it hard for us to extract. They got to our spawn 2 fairly quick
and raped us for 2 rounds. Not alot we could do as they where going around in mainly 2s.
The first round of the map citadel barky killed 4 which gave us a draw,wp.
Their sponging was unreal,and there lag was a joke(lag switching springs to mind),
but thats socom. It got to 4/3 in a tiebreak To us, we won.
VWP MuT Great result for the fact that we were terr.

2nd Map Fault(Control)MuT play terr
We were down a man,which caused the game to force.We lost the first round
because we where trying to get loads of nav points to quick .They where coming from
all directions and we tried to get our shit in gear and finally did.It was 3/0 to them
but we pulled it back to 3/2 but it fell appart anf it was 6/2 to them.Thought we would of had it?unlucky guys,we tried.

3rd Map Devils Road(SUPPRESSION)MuT Play Terr
It was 10v9 to them,we had to work our arses off due to the fact that
we were men down lol,first round we won fairly quick.2nd Round mainly there players
had spread out,some were snipen and some were charging,they were using there jeeps alot
mainly heading to our spawn to take out the tank.They camped like mad and so did we
but didnt seem to go in our favour.It was then SilentSpud v2 of them he
took out one but the other one got him, but unlucky to him.Slashas mines took
out their jeep fairly quick,We then brought it back to 2/2,Every time we did good
they where puting pmgs up on the screen say wtf,its only a game get over it.I was surprised
to see some of are guys sniping,Good stuff.It was then 3/2 to us but they started jump sniping
and trying to come up behind us,we won that round which put it to 4/2.Then they camped back
which seem to go in their favour.It came down to Round 11 at 5-5 which we had to win and didnt.

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